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Shriram City - A success story in the Indian Financial Sector

Shriram City Union Finance Ltd. Is now in the 27th year of its successful operation. A Non Banking Finance Company (NBFC), with multiple product lines, Shriram City is the largest Small Business Finance Company in India in the Small Loans segment(loans between Rs. 1 Lac to Rs. 10 Lacs). It is also a prominent provider of finance against gold, finance for two wheeler...



Mr. P.N. Sukumaran Nair has been a loyal customer of Shriram City Union Finance (Shriram City) for over a decade. He was introduced to Shriram City’s retail investment products by Mr. Abhilash, a Shriram City employee. Investing in Shriram City was an easy choice for Mr. Nair as he had already heard a lot about the company from his friends. He credits Shriram City with helping him to achieve his wealth creation goals with minimum risk. An added bonus was that Mr. Nair also started earning a commission when his friends began to invest in Shriram City based on his recommendation. Now in his seventies and residing in Kozhikode, Mr. Nair recalls that Shriram City once used to offer a much higher rate of interest than other private players, and even Post Office Savings schemes. It is a testimony to the quality and reliability of Shriram City that Mr. Nair, a person with considerable investment experience, still recommends Shriram City to all those who seek a safe investment avenue to meet their life goals.