Risks involved in Fixed Deposits

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Risks involved in Fixed Deposits

  • Fixed Deposits (FD) as the Safest Way of Investment
  • Emphasize on Interest Rates
  • Not Affected by Market Fluctuations
  • Risk-Free Option for Senior Citizens

Fixed Deposits

Do you have some savings that you want to invest as fixed deposits? Rather than retaining the money in your bank account, it is better to get a fixed deposit. At the end of the maturity period, you will receive a good return from this investment.

Hearing the word ‘investment’, you might be concerned about the risk involved in investing in a fixed deposit. Thus, let us first discuss all the risks that are involved in this investment.

Risks of Investing in Fixed Deposit:

Most of the fixed deposits are easy to liquidate, but some of them aren’t.

Risks involve inflation risks when the returns are low and concentration risk if you have invested all your savings in a single form.

However, these risks do not often hinder investors since they are not so likely to occur. Investing in Shriram City fixed deposits will assist you in getting easy returns with almost no risk involved.

Fixed Deposits (FD) as the Safest Way of Investment:

Other than FD, there are several areas where you can invest your money. In fact, at first, they claim to offer high returns. When you compare the risks involved in those other investments as compared to that in FD, you will realize that FD is the safest way of investment.

In a fixed deposit, you will receive the promised return for sure when the policy is matured. You will not have to face any kind of loss or deduction of your deposit. Thus, investing in a fixed deposit is the safest way to grow your savings.

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Emphasize on Interest Rates:

Since you are depositing a particular amount of money for several years, then returns must also be high. Never settle with lower return rates. Compare several banks and companies offering a fixed deposit. Select the one providing the highest returns and fixed deposit interest rate based on your amount and the time period.

If the fixed deposit interest rate is high, then the risk of the inflation rate is eliminated. It will make sure that the returns that you receive are high enough according to the situation of the market. Else, the returns might be quite low as compared to the inflation rate when your policy is matured.

On the other hand, also ensure that the bank or finance company is reliable. While you measure the interest rates, do not forget to include the risk factors and reliability. Shriram City Union Finance offers a high fixed deposit interest rate and is reliable as indicated by ICRA rating of MAA+. This is the best and a secure way to invest in a fixed deposit.

Nomination Option:

While all the paperwork related to the fixed deposit is being done, you will come across a nomination option. Thinking practically, if you are no longer there to enjoy the returns of the fixed deposits, then after the investment matures, the nominee will get the entire deposit along with interest.

Therefore, apart from the depositor, there must be a nominee who can claim that amount. This helps in minimizing the risks involved in investing in a fixed deposit.

Fixed Deposits Promotes Savings:

If you are not good at retaining and saving the surplus amount, then the best option is to make a fixed deposit. You will not get better in saving the money, but will also earn a good return after a given period of time.

Your savings are not safe in the bank account if you are in a habit to spend them. It rather makes fixed deposits a safer option to promote as well as to grow your savings. You can easily get your deposits back in case of an emergency or urgent need of money.

Not Affected by Market Fluctuations:

One can never predict the stability of the market. Profit and loss keep on fluctuating on a regular basis. If you have invested your money in any area other than the fixed deposit, then the returns may vary depending upon the situation of the market. Returns on fixed deposits do not vary according to the situation and fluctuations of the market.

This feature reduces the risk and makes a fixed deposit the safest way of investing your money. Thus, if you want to stay out of risks and receive assured returns, then you must get a fixed deposit at Shriram City Union Finance.

Risk-Free Option for Senior Citizens:

If you are a senior citizen and have a limited amount of money as your savings, then you can not afford to take risks. Therefore, you should opt for a risk-free option for senior citizens, that is a fixed deposit.

Several banks and finance companies also provide additional benefits to their policies to senior citizens. They may receive higher returns than the usual interest on the deposit. Hence, the best option for senior citizens to invest and make their future secured is a fixed deposit.

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Although there are some risks involved in fixed deposits, they can be reduced by being careful and taking preventive measures while selecting a scheme for a fixed deposit. Please check the credit ratings of the company where you’re investing your money. Shriram City has MAA+ rating from ICRA, which indicates the safety of the invested amount. You will have nothing to worry about the fluctuations of the market.

The fixed deposit lets you enhance your ability to save. When making a fixed deposit, do not forget to emphasize the interest rates and reliability of the company. Visit Shriram City Union Finance for the best policies for investing in a fixed deposit.