What are the most attractive features of the Shriram City Recurring Deposit?

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Features of the Shriram City Recurring Deposit

  • What is a Recurring Deposit?
  • What are the most attractive Recurring Deposit features offered by Shriram City?
  • Key benefits of investing in RDs


You might have already started saving to meet your future requirements such as marriage expenses, child’s education fees, buying a house, and travel. Hence, it is important to select an investment tool in line with your investment goals.

Recurring Deposits are an ideal investment solution for you if you are looking for an investment with a small monthly installment, guaranteed returns, the safety of capital, flexible timeline, and optimum interest on your deposit amount.

What is a Recurring Deposit?

Recurring Deposit, commonly known as RD, refers to the periodic payment of a fixed sum of funds with a financial institution for a predetermined tenure.

Want to know more about the best RD scheme available and what’s in it for you? You’re in the right place to find out the best highest return RD scheme!

Shriram City Recurring Deposit

Shriram City Union Finance Ltd offers RD, a unique term deposit that enables you to make regular investments and earn the best in segment returns. You are provided with the opportunity to choose a term depending on your needs and invest a fixed amount each month to earn decent interest on your investment.

RDs is a contract between you and Shriram City for an approved interest rate from the date of investment till maturity.

What are the most attractive Recurring Deposit features offered by Shriram City?

Shriram City offers attractive features on its RDs that make it an effective tool for investment. Understanding these Recurring Deposit features will help you take a step closer to investing in them.

1) High returns: It will become easy for you to build wealth and achieve your goals when your investment gives the best investment rates and stable returns. Shriram City offers a lucrative 8.75% interest rate on RDs, which is the highest return RD scheme available in the segment.

You can select the best Shriram City RD scheme suitable to your needs. The following are the Shriram City Recurring Deposit scheme interest rates applicable based on your selected tenure.

Period (months)

Rate % (p.a. at monthly rates)

Maturity value*
















*The maturity value is for the monthly installment of INR 500.

2) Flexible tenure: The RD schemes offered by Shriram City have flexible tenure options starting from 12 to 60 months. You have the flexibility to choose the duration and the regular monthly investment amount based on your financial goals. For example, if you have a big event planned in 2 years, you can select the 24-month RD tenure to finance the event. The flexible tenure and monthly payment requirement will crystallize your habit of saving and help you achieve your goals in the future.

3) Credible: You would want to invest in a trustworthy and recognized company. Shriram City RDs are credible as it comes with a "MAA+/ with Stable Outlook" rating by ICRA. This indicates high credit quality and stability. Hence, the RDs offered by Shriram is considered the best investment option to build wealth for the future.

4) Flexible payouts: Shriram City offers a flexible payout option to all its valued customers. At maturity, you can choose from the auto refund and conversion to the fixed deposit option.

  1. a) Auto refund: This option facilitates customers to withdraw the matured RD amount to the bank account of the depositor on the date of maturity. It is suitable in case you have a planned event or require to incur big expenses such as marriage or child’s education fees.
  2. b) Conversion to fixed deposit: This is best suited for the investors who wish to reap additional benefits of Shriram City’s high-interest rate fixed deposits and do not need immediate funds. Here, based on the instructions, the following can be executed:
  • According to the instructions mentioned on the application form (under maturity instruction), the deposit will continue to be auto renewed till contrary instructions are received.
  • The company will generate a fixed deposit e-receipt to the registered email id of the first applicant on conversion. Then, based on the option selected by the depositor, the RD receipt will be renewed on the due date for the full amount (net of TDS, if any).

5) Minimum monthly deposit amount: The minimum amount required to be deposited monthly is affordable. Due to this, it is convenient even for an individual with low income to invest and earn a high-interest rate on the investment made. RDs at Shriram City are accepted in multiples of INR 500 subject to a minimum amount of INR 500 per installment.

6) Shriram City online RD option: Most think that investments are usually cumbersome as many documentation procedures and hassles are involved. However, the same is not true as regards investing in the RD offered by Shriram City. The application process is simple and can be completed at your ease. For investment in RDs, you are required to submit some documents such as self-attested ID proof, self-attested address proof, photographs, and a cancelled cheque leaf to the company. Shriram City offers you the option of opening your account online. This makes the process convenient and time-saving. Why wait any further? Click to open your Recurring Deposit online.

RD investment helps in goal-based savings as the regular monthly installments paid by the investor will earn interest and aid in building a corpus that can be utilized in the future. You should use an RD maturity calculator to calculate the maturity amount and evaluate if your monthly installments are sufficient to meet your financial goals after the predetermined tenure. The Recurring Deposit Maturity Calculator from Shriram City will help you calculate your Recurring Deposit returns, interest rates, and maturity amount.

7 key benefits of investing in RDs

It is a known fact that there are various systematic investment options available in the market. However, RDs have their own set of value-added features and advantages.

The following are the key benefits of investing in RDs:

1) Instills the habit of regular savings: Unlike one-time deposits in fixed deposits, RDs require fixed monthly investments, thereby inculcating the habit of saving. This can be termed as an ideal saving plus investment tool.

2) Provides Flexibility and ease of investing: RDs provide flexibility in many aspects as it includes a regular deposit factor with an interest component. The documentation process is easy, and the online process availability makes it convenient to invest. You have the flexibility to select the best Shriram City RD scheme in line with your goals.

3) Returns are guaranteed: The amount invested will be received along with interest at maturity. The value is not affected by market conditions like other investment options such as mutual funds and equity shares. Hence, RD returns provide a steady guaranteed return on the invested amount. Shriram City offers the best investment rate making it attractive for investors.

4) Small installment amount: It involves a minimum amount to be invested every month that can be as low as INR 1,000. Hence, it is beneficial to even individuals who do not earn a substantial income.

5) Mitigates risk: Shriram City Recurring Deposit is the best RD scheme that offers generous interest, which will help you beat the inflation rate. In addition, you get sufficient time to build funds through its systematic investment nature.

6) High-interest rates: Shriram City offers the best interest rates on RDs up to 8.75% that can vary according to the chosen tenure. This rate of interest is higher than a standard savings account. Hence, it can be used as an effective investment tool to earn income.

7) Flexible timeline: Shriram City offers a flexible timeline period of 12–60 months, which will help you achieve your financial goals. The lock-in period and regular monthly installments will help you earn a high rate of return on your investment, thereby increasing your earnings.

Key takeaways

The first step to making any investment is understanding your goals and risk-return appetite. If you want the safety of capital, guaranteed returns, minimum monthly investment, and an investment that is not subject to market risk, you should consider investing in RDs. Check theRecurring Deposit Maturity Calculator from Shriram City to clarify your RD returns, interest rates, and maturity amount.

RDs is a good investment solution as it encourages you to invest regularly, has a flexible tenure, mitigates risk, requires a small installment amount periodically, and is convenient to invest in. As an investor, you would want to invest in the highest return RD scheme offering the best investment rates.

Shriram City offers excellent RD schemes that are the best available in the sector, making it appealing to invest in. Some of the attractive RD features are high returns, flexible pay-outs, flexible tenure, and credibility. Availability of the Shriram City online RD option makes it convenient and easy for you to invest. With the best investment rates offered, along with the safety of capital, you should certainly read more about Shriram City's Recurring Deposit features

Invest now in Shriram City Union Finance's RD schemes for greater returns.