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Business loan by Shriram City finances your small business requirements. The company has a trusted legacy of 45 years. We believe in empowering the micro, small, and medium enterprises. Our commercial loans help grow your business by investing in machinery, equipment, infrastructure, and other requirements.

Shriram City assists you in making your mark in today’s competitive world by providing a customized MSME loan in India. We offer solutions for MSME, hoteliers and professionals such as doctors, engineers and others. With nearly 947 branches across the country, we render quality service at your doorstep.

Features of Business Loan

Our loans can be availed hassle-free with minimal documentation and at the competitive interest rate. With these unique features, our loans for business are your friend in need.

Easy working capital availability Easy working capital availability

We offer loans with interest rates starting from 15% based on the eligibility of micro, small, medium enterprises and professional Individuals. Whether you require finance for a short duration or for expanding your business, our commercial loan is your reliable ally. Also, our portfolio has a wide spectrum, which enables us to meet your needs from Rs. 1,00,000/ to Rs. 1,00,00,000/.

Once you apply for loan online, our agents will immediately assist you in the application process. You can also walk-in into our nearest branch and apply. Once you meet all our credit eligibility requirements, the approval process will take place in the quickest possible time.

Our customized loan solutions offer competitive interest rates based on each profile. We understand each customer is different and hence, we treat every loan application as a unique business requirement.

The tenure starts from a minimum of 12 months to a maximum of 60 months. If you are facing interim financial problems, we provide you with the necessary funds to get your business back on track.

Our loan for business is available for new as well as our existing customers. We cater to the most unique segments of micro, small and medium enterprises which are unable to obtain funds from banks or other financial institutions.

The amount borrowed can be repaid through equated monthly instalments (EMIs). You can set up ECS payments where the EMI will be debited automatically every month from your preferred bank account till the end of your loan tenure.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

The MSME loan eligibility requirements are quite simple considering the dynamics of micro, small and medium enterprise owners for faster processing and quick disbursal.


Individuals: Age - 23 to 65 years of age

registration certificate

Professionals (Annual Turnover of 10 Lakh or More)

residential address

Sole proprietorships / Partnerships / Limited and Private limited companies (Annual Turnover of 20 Lakh or More)

residential proof

Minimum years in Business - 3 years

minimum turnover

Self-employed individuals (Annual Turnover of 10 Lakh or More)

Documents Required

  • Any valid Business Registration Certificate
  • Aadhaar Card is mandatory
Documents Required for Business Loan
Identity Proof
(Any one of the following)
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Voter ID Card
  • PAN Card
Valid Address Proof
(Any one of the following)
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Gas Bill with Gas book
  • Electricity bill
Other documents required
(Any one of the following)
  • Recent Passport size colour photographs
  • Income Proof Documents
  • Trading/Profit and Loss Account for the last three years
  • Balance Sheet for the last three years
  • Bank Statement for the last six months
  • Post Dated Cheques and Electronic Clearing Mandates (ECS)
  • Collateral Security pledge / hypothecation / Mortgage - Original documents required

Any other document as advised by Shriram City Union Finance

Fees and Interest Rates

Interest Rates
Starting from15%
Interest Rates
Processing Fee
Less than2%
Processing Fee
Loan Tenure
Up to60 Months
Loan Tenure
Closure Charges
3% to 6%
* Eligible after 6 Months
Closure Charges
More than20 L Turnover
* 3 years in the same business
1 Lakhs to100Lakhs

Why should you Apply for Business Loan?

Commercial loans will help you to structure your businesses to match today’s fast-paced world. We help develop your business to the next level by providing secure financing options with flexible repayment tenure along with competitive interest rates.

Here is why you should apply for a business loan with Shriram City Union Finance:
Quick Approvals
Quick Approval

Faster approvals mean you get your funds faster, allowing you to carry forward your business. A timely loan can help you open up your horizons, accelerate your day-to-day operations, and eventually contribute to your profit ratio.

Streamlines Your Working Capital
Streamlines Your Working Capital

Shriram City’s MSME loan will let you manage your working capital efficiently. With an adequate working capital, it becomes easy to steer your business onto the growth path. This loan will stop you from using your capital by providing a solution that can be repaid in easy instalments.

How to Apply

Apply online and our executives will get back to you for further processes as soon as possible.

Business Loan Calculator

Loan Amount
Annualized Rate of Interest
Loan Tenure (Months)

Loan EMI


Total Interest Payable


Total Payment (Principal + Interest)


The EMI for a loan agreement is always computed based on the number of days to the due date. In contrast, EMI calculation on the online calculator provided here is the monthly calculation.

Important Information
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Business Loan?

It is a secured form of credit offered to micro, small and medium enterprises to tackle their working capital needs. Often, credit for business is also used for business or infrastructure expansions, new equipment purchases, and other business activities.

To Apply online Click Here and provide your basic details, our executives will get in touch with you.

Yes, all MSME loans are secured in nature and you need to pledge your asset for the same. You can avail up to 60% loan of the pledged asset.

Yes, you can! Shriram City specializes in giving loans to individuals who have a low credit score or who cannot access formal lending institutions for their interim financial needs.

A loan foreclosure means repaying the outstanding principal amount in one single payment instead of regular monthly EMIs.

Yes, the foreclosure charges depend on the outstanding principal amount and the remaining tenure, it ranges from 3% to 6%.

You can foreclose your Business loan any time after paying your 6th monthly instalment. i.e. after 6 months of your loan tenure, you are eligible for loan foreclosure.

Your EMI amount will be communicated to you once your loan amount is approved and it will also be mentioned on the loan agreement documents. However, you can also check your estimated EMI amount by using our online business loan EMI calculator.

Typically, self-occupied residential, commercial properties are accepted as collateral. The approved loan amount may vary between 50% to 60% of the market value of the asset pledged. Please note that the value of collateral does not make you eligible for a loan. The free cash flow of your business will be the prime criterion in determining your eligibility.

Currently, the EMI due date is fixed for all customers.

Yes! Shriram City Union Finance features an all-in-one product which you can use for many short-term functions such as working capital management, inventory management and purchasing equipment.