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FD Calculator from Shriram City helps you to calculate your fixed desposit returns and maturity amount.

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Investment Amount
Interest RateInterest PayoutMaturity Amount
8.01₹ 155379₹ 568379
PeriodInterest rateInterest payout
Monthly8.01%₹ 2757
Quarterly8.01%₹ 2757
Half yearly8.01%₹ 2757
Yearly8.01%₹ 2757

Important Information
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Do you want to invest in a fixed deposit but cannot be decisive due to its complex formula? To make your calculations more comfortable and faster, here we present you with a fixed deposit calculator and FD interest rates calculator. Do you want to know the returns from your investment after a particular period of time? A fixed deposit calculator helps you with the same. A fixed deposit calculator or an FD interest calculator will give you all the information about monthly interest as well as the FD maturity amount.

An FD interest calculator or FD interest calculator provides you with all the basic information that you will require to make a conclusion about the investment amount.

Advantages of Using an Online FD Calculator?


The Shriram City FD calculator is quite reliable and has a number of benefits.

Some of the significant advantages that will urge you to use this FD calculator are:

  • According to the amount you invest and the time for investment, the FD calculator will show you the exact amount of your return. This fixed deposit interest calculator or an FD interest calculator will assist you in planning your investment amount accordingly.
  • One can use the Shriram City FD calculator for free and an FD interest calculator for as many times as possible. An online FD calculator lets people save their time and make smart decisions.
  • Since the FD interest calculator is quite easy to use, the users of the FD interest calculator can easily compare FD plans of different sources. After they have used Shriram finance fixed deposit interest calculator, they can make a decision based on FD interest calculator, which is most beneficial for them.
What is the Formula used by FD Calculator?

Shriram FD calculator or an FD interest calculator is a quite smart choice as it uses the correct formula and provides accurate results. Shriram FD calculator or an FD interest calculator is a quite smart choice as it uses the correct formula and provides accurate results.

The formula for used for calculating simple interest on FD interest calculator is:

Simple Interest = (P * R * T) / 100

Here, in a fixed deposit calculator, P is Principal Amount Invested, R is Rate on interest in percentage, and T is Tenure.

On the other hand, FD calculator or FD interest calculator uses the compound interest formula to find the interest based on the principal amount that is invested and the interest earned in FD.

The formula used by Shriram FD calculator, online FD calculator and other fixed deposit calculator is:

Maturity Amount = P (1 + r/n) ^ (n * t)

Here, in a fixed deposit calculator, P is the principal amount that is invested in an FD, r is the rate of interest, n is the number of compounding per year, and t is the time, that is the total number of years.

Using this fixed deposit calculator and FD interest calculator is quite easy. You will easily get the amount on the FD interest calculator if you make sure that you have entered all the variables in the correct slot of the FD calculator. Apart from that, to get a relevant outcome out of this fixed deposit online calculator, you need to ensure that you have a certain set of data about the FD before entering it in an FD interest calculator. Shriram finance fixed deposit calculator is highly precise and easy to use.

It will not require more than a minute to enter all the variables and get the results on an FD calculator. To get started on an FD calculator, you will have to select amongst the options of a new customer, or a senior citizen on an FD calculator India.

Before you invest in FD, you will have to decide that you are interested in which type of fixed deposits. Firstly, you must know what are these two types of fixed deposits before deciding about the same in a fixed deposit calculator.

The first type of fixed deposit on an FD interest calculator is a cumulative fixed deposit. Here, your money keeps on growing annually according to the interest rate. But, you get the entire amount of your money along with the interest at maturity. To know about the rate at which your money is growing annually, you can calculate the same on the Shriram FD calculator.

On the other hand, in a non-cumulative FD, you can get your interest money from the fixed deposit either annually or periodically. Both of these on a fixed deposit calculator have their own pros and cons. Weigh them, calculate interest rates on FD calculator India and choose amongst these two accordingly.

Since we are dealing with money, therefore accuracy for the same while doing calculations must be a priority. To ease the process of calculations, we have provided you with a Shriram finance fixed deposit calculator that is highly accurate as an FD interest calculator.

However, here are some ways to ensure that you are using a reliable fixed deposit calculator and FD interest calculator:

  • The finance or fixed deposit company that is providing an FD calculator should be recognized as well as trusted. Else, that fixed deposit calculator might not have applied the correct formula and you may end up with some wrong calculations on an FD interest calculator.
  • If there are any abbreviations used in the formula on an FD calculator where you are putting up the variables, then make sure that the full forms of these abbreviations are stated clearly on that fixed deposit calculator. Do not continue with an FD calculator if you are confused about the abbreviations.
  • There are different types of calculations that you need to perform before you invest in FD. Shriram finance fixed deposit calculator offers you a wide range of options and allows you to do all the calculations at a single place. This FD calculator will be convenient for you to perform all the calculations peacefully.
  • The below described are some of the best features as well as benefits that you can avail if you invest in FD:

    A fixed deposit is the safest source of investment. The interest that you have calculated on an FD calculator India and fixed deposit interest calculator will be given to you for sure. There are no risks if you invest in FD if all the calculations are thoroughly done on a fixed deposit calculator.

  • Depending on your financial plans and calculations made on a fixed deposit online calculator or an FD interest calculator, you can keep the period of your FD. There is excellent flexibility offered when it comes to tenure. You can invest for months and several years in an FD.
  • In case you require the invested amount urgently, then you can immediately get that money back in your account. You may or may not get the same interest as you calculated on the Shriram fixed deposit online calculator. To get better clarification, you can refer to the conditions of the policy and make calculations on fixed deposit interest calculators.
  • If you want to take a loan, then it becomes quite easy and convenient if you invest in FD after making calculations on a fixed deposit calculator. Usually, you can take an easy loan up to 90% of the amount in your FD.
  • Conclusion

    If you want to invest in FD but feel confused with the calculations, then the best option for you is to use Shriram finance fixed deposit calculator or an FD interest calculator. All you need to do on an FD calculator and FD interest calculator is enter the principal amount, the rate of interest, and tenure. After entering all these variables, an FD interest rates calculator will show you the accurate result in the form of figures. If you invest in FD by making all the calculations in advance on a fixed deposit calculator, then FD interest calculator will help you in doing all your future financial planning accordingly.

    There are a number of benefits you can get if you invest in FD. This is considered to be one of the safest methods to invest your money and to get guaranteed returns and calculated in a fixed deposit interest calculator. There is a huge domain of people who are using Shriram finance fixed deposit calculator, FD interest calculator as well as their other services. This is because of the trust that people have in Shriram FD calculator, fixed deposit interest calculator, and several reliable services.