Two Wheeler Loan - A Best Way to Buy Your Dream Bike

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  • 2 Years ago
Two Wheeler Loan - A Best Way to Buy Your Dream Bike

  • Choose your own EMIs
  • Your asset is your mortgage
  • You are eligible too
  • Pay what you may
  • Free from undue troubles
  • What you buy, you shall own

It is indeed a matter of choice when it comes to strategizing a payment method for buying a two-wheeler. Whether one shall avail a loan or choose to self-finance, becomes a big question. A few factors need to be addressed, weighing out various options before making the decision. They may differ from one person to another, but it is always advisable to opt for a vehicle loan instead of self-finance.

Taking into account the many pros and cons of self-financing, the scales tip in favour of two-wheeler vehicle loans. Of course, if you can afford an upfront payment, you will not be charged more than the actual cost of the ride. It saves you the cycle of interest. There is no chance of hassles with lending bodies or banks. It becomes an asset, exclusively yours.

However, all is not smooth. One of the most significant downsides of self-financing is that the entire amount must be provided. Sports bikes, for example, range from mild to huge costs and simply stating, it’s generally not a cup for most to have such a large sum in hand. The price of the two-wheeler becomes debatable if your budget does not tally with it. Under these circumstances, if your funds are not par with your choice, you are bound to compromise. A re-evaluation follows, and a conclusion is generally reached half-heartedly. Would you let limitations rule out your desire?

If you need to own what you want and lack the exact amount of cash on hand, a two-wheeler loan from Shriram City Union Finance will definitely moothen things over.

When you are under any financial obligation of sorts alongside other liabilities, it is better to avail a vehicle loan:

  • It will prevent your savings from getting used up all at once.
  • You don’t have to worry about the constant supply of money, as the bank will fund it.
  • You can choose the tenure for repayment.
  • Pay off by instalments as drawn on the principal amount.
  • You will have to pay EMI every month. This is significantly less and comes with a range of schemes.
  • You can use your money for other purposes even after paying the monthly instalments.

Your dreams can be realised, with the availability of loans. It is not that difficult to avail a loan for buying vehicles. Things become even more smooth after that as the financier pays for the most significant chunk of money as per the value of the automobile and the customer simply needs to issue a down payment.

In terms of a two-wheeler loan, which most of the population must look out for, are those surprising EMI waivers or other perks. This is clearly endearing to people. There are multiple other benefits that a vehicle loan promise, which you can avail at Shriram City Union Finance:

Choose your own EMIs:

You, as a loan seeker, can easily devise your own instalment strategy. You can choose an EMI plan, as per your ability to repay it. Interestingly, the amount of interest becomes considerably lesser if you manage to pay a big sum right at the beginning. This way, you can stay relatively more carefree and worry less about paying hefty EMIs through a long course of time.

Your asset is your mortgage:

Simple enough, the vehicle of your choice assumes the object of the collateral for the loan. If you take a two-wheeler loan, the bike will be termed as your collateral against the loan you have drawn. It excludes any other form of property or asset to pose as a security unit for the outstanding loan. Hypothetically speaking, if things go really downhill, and you fail to pay the standard rate of interest, the bank will only be entitled to seize the vehicle for which you’ve taken the loan.

You are eligible too:

The very essence of business is to provide excellent customer support, and this practice is prevalent in most financial zones. Financiers are always ready to chalk out the best plan that goes with your profile. With so many financial institutions offering their services, buyers have mostly reaped immense benefits. Whoever fulfils the essential requirement of having minimum income stability can opt for a loan.

Pay what you may:

Most banks, as well as benevolent financial institutions, are ready to take up the yoke of paying the maximum amount for the vehicle of your dreams. This shouldering of responsibility also involves almost nil customer participation. It means that a buyer will be exempted from worrying about the expenses that arise from registration and insurance policy. Pay the most you can with the least of worries.

Free from undue troubles:

Procedure of application for an auto loan is comparatively easier as compared to the other loan formats. The entire process, till approval, takes no more than a day. As a marketing strategy, spot approvals are also there to bring you really close to your desired automobile.

What you buy, you shall own:

Throughout the mentioned tenure of your loan plan, the vehicle you’ve got, be it a bike or a car, belongs solely to you. Granted, it will be in the shadow of a loan. However, it will completely be up to you to tinker with the automobile, be it an addition or modification. Ownership will come into motion in no time at all for the tenure period is genially structured.

More perks:

For people with regular transactions, if you have a good credit score, approval for a vehicle loan will be a piece of cake. Furthermore, it will pave the way for enhancing and securing an even better credit score considering you pay your dues on time. It will increase your score and make you eligible for better deals and astonishing loan formats in the future.

There are innumerable pros of a two-wheeler loan. Applying for one at Shriram City Union Finance will fetch you all. Self-financing is okay, but you’ve to keep in mind that a vehicle, once you buy one, its resale value gets lowered. A one-time investment is not worth it. For the best loans, click here.