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General Customer Feedback on the impact in their lives post-Shriram City Loan

  • Ability to scale up their businesses
  • Increase in their personal assets and reduction of their liabilities
  • Got better social recognition
  • Betterment of lifestyle
  • Greater sense of security for the future

Over 90% of our customers have availed small loans up to Rs.100000/-

More than 60% of our Business loan customers and more than 70% of our Consumer Loan customers are below the age of 40

Customer name : Mr. P.N. Sukumaran Nair

Age : 77 years

Location : Kozhikode, Kerala

Mr. P.N. Sukumaran Nair has been a loyal customer of Shriram City Union Finance (Shriram City) for over a decade. He was introduced to Shriram City’s retail investment products by Mr. Abhilash, a Shriram City employee. Investing in Shriram City was an easy choice for Mr. Nair as he had already heard a lot about the company from his friends.

He credits Shriram City with helping him to achieve his wealth creation goals with minimum risk. An added bonus was that Mr. Nair also started earning a commission when his friends began to invest in Shriram City based on his recommendation. Now in his seventies and residing in Kozhikode, Mr. Nair recalls that Shriram City once used to offer a much higher rate of interest than other private players, and even Post Office Savings schemes. It is a testimony to the quality and reliability of Shriram City that Mr. Nair, a person with considerable investment experience, still recommends Shriram City to all those who seek a safe investment avenue to meet their life goals.

Customer name : Mr. G. Nagapulliah

Location : Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh

Mr. G. Nagapulliah is a person who values stability and reliability. This is why he has consistently turned to Shriram City Union Finance (Shriram City) for his investment needs.

An agent introduced him to Shriram City more than ten years ago, and Mr. Nagapulliah credits Shriram City investments with helping him to achieve major life goals like his daughter’s wedding with minimum difficulty. Moreover the good returns that Shriram City gives him on his hard-earned money have helped Mr. Nagapulliah and his family to rise to a respectable position in their community. It speaks volumes for the trust he has in the company that Shriram City is the only private sector company that Mr. Nagapulliah has invested in. He says that this trust was reinforced by the fact that Shriram City stood firm during a time when many other NBFCs went out of business. A good rate of return and the security of the investment have made Mr. Nagapulliah return to Shriram City time and again for his financial needs. He has also been a customer in other product categories like gold loans.

He suggests that door-delivery of documents and certificates, and the introduction of investments oriented towards the educational and other needs of children will help Shriram City to create a stronger bond with the customer.

Customer name : Mr. Satyanarayana Korra

Location : Vijayawada

Mr. Satyanarayana Korra of Vijayawada first came to know about Shriram City’s (Shriram City) SME loans from an acquaintance of his. The owner of a furniture manufacturing unit, Mr. Korra was on the lookout for a financing option that would meet the working capital requirements of his business and Shriram City fit the bill perfectly. So well in fact, that he is on his second loan from Shriram City.

As a manufacturer, he buys wood locally and supplies finished furniture like beds, dewans, and dining tables to various furniture showrooms. Mr. Korra has been in the furniture business for a decade, and he used to depend on local moneylenders and personal contacts for the financial needs of his business. The high cost involved meant that profits also went toward debt repayment. The extensive processing time and requirements, coupled with his limited knowledge prevented Mr. Korra from approaching banks for a loan.

Shriram City provided the answer he had been looking for and gave him loans that were speedily processed with minimal documentation. Now with the support of Shriram City’s loan, he is able meet his unit’s working capital needs and invest the surplus in business expansion plans. As a thoroughly satisfied customer of Shriram City, Mr. Korra ensured that his cousin, also a business owner, took an SME loan from Shriram City when the need arose. The future looks bright for Mr. Korra and his young family, and he is sure that he will turn only to Shriram City for his future financial needs.

Customer name : Mr. Venkata Durga Sadhu

Location : Vijayawada

Mr. Venkata Durga Sadhu runs Sai General Stores, a provision store in Vijayawada, with the help of his wife. He has been in this line of business for the last 15 years and his biggest challenge was finding the funds required to replenish and maintain stocks of both perishable and imperishable goods.

Approaching Shriram City Union Finance (Shriram City) for the financial needs of his business was the most natural course of action for Mr. Sadhu, as he had already availed of a personal loan and a two wheeler loan from Shriram City in the past. His existing home loan with a bank was also proving to be a stumbling block to getting loans from other banks and NBFCs. His experience at Shriram City was a welcome relief, as he was sanctioned a loan without having to provide any security.

The loan availed from Shriram City has helped Mr. Sadhu to improve and maintain his stock levels to meet customer demands. As a result, the sales of Sai General Stores have improved by 30 percent. If the needs of his business were to grow, Mr. Sadhu now has no doubts that Shriram City will be his lender of choice.