Mrs Gowri from Chennai shares how she was worried about her commitments and how Shriram City Union Finance Fixed deposits helped her save funds with an ever-reliable brand

Anbarasan from TamilNadu shares how Shriram City Union Finance Two-Wheeler loan helped his long time dream of owning a vehicle of his own come alive.

Swapnil Shinde from Mumbai shares how his seasonal business came to life because of Shriram City Union Finance Gold loan. With instant disbursal of funds, you can grow your business too with Shriram City Gold loans

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Anbarasan's dream now a reality | Shriram City Two-wheeler loan
Accelerate your business with Shriram City Gold loans

As all of you know how crowded our public transport system is and I have been using public transport from my college days. Since then, I dreamt of having my own bike. After I started working, I used public transport for quite some time but then I had it enough. I decided to buy my own bike. I thought it would be easier to get it on a loan as I was little short on funds. I approached many banks and to my surprise, every bank rejected my loan application. Citing that I am working in a privately owned company even though I make good money. Then my friend suggested trying Shriram City. I went there with essential documents and to my surprise, the loan was approved on the same day. Next day they asked me to visit the dealership along with the marketing executive to complete the rest of the documentation process. I made the small down payment, and my bike was at my doorstep in just 4 days. It was a pleasant surprise. It changed how I looked at loans. Unlike others, Shriram City staff was friendly and were in constant touch. Thanks to Shriram City, now I have my own Two-Wheeler and commuting in the city has never been better.

Purchasing a bike has never been easy thanks to Shriram City

Mr. Prasad Yadav - Noida


Hi, I am Krishna from Chennai. I have a small manufacturing unit of plastic appliances. Diwali is a massive season for us as demand for my product increases, but I was not able to meet demand as I needed to upgrade some machinery. Since my business runs on cash, and most of my payments were pending from suppliers, I needed instant cash for a new machine. That’s when I thought of selling some gold jewellery for cash. But my accountant suggested instead to opt for a Gold loan from Shriram City, which guarantees the security of my gold and provides cash at an affordable interest rate. I visited Shriram City branch in Chennai on the same day with my Gold Jewellery, and to my surprise loan was disbursed on the same day. This changed my perspective of business financing and gold jewellery, plus branch staff are always in touch and keeps me updated with my loan. All this made Shriram City my one-stop solution for all my business funding.

My Gold truly shined for me when I needed the most all thanks to Shriram City Gold Loan

Mr. Rakesh Krishna - Chennai


Hi, I am Prasad Nair from Thriuvanthapuram being a retired officer from a private company, I don't have the privilege of pension. I was looking for an excellent investment tool for my regular monthly income. I was looking for a middle path of the safety and returns on investment. Banks and post office offers security, but returns are not adequate. At the same time, I cannot take the risk of investing in the equity market. There are other investment options, but not reliable. So based on my daughters' suggestion, I invested my savings in Shriram City Fixed Deposit scheme. Shriram City has a track record of 45 years, and they are offering excellent interest rate, which was convincing. It's been four years since I invested in Shriram City and never looked back. I get regular monthly interest payouts without fail, branch people are friendly and keep me updated. Today, I am enjoying my retirement without any worries. I sincerely thank Shriram City for making my retirement years, the golden years of my life.

Enjoy the high interest rates on your investment with trust of Shriram City

Mr. R.Prasad Nair - Thriuvanthapuram


Shriram City Business loans were a great help to my hotel business, and this was the 1st time, I was availing a loan for my business expansion. Being a small set up my loan application got rejected from all banks. Which was quite discouraging for me, and I thought that loans are not for small business owners like me. But then I approached Shriram City Union Finance out here in Belapur, Navi Mumbai branch. To my surprise, they were ready to finance my business based on our first discussion. Next day I visited Shriram City branch with all requested documents, and they said they could fund me Rs. 2,00,000, which was a great help. With that amount, I was able to upgrade my kitchen equipment and renovate my hotel. Now, because of renovation, I’m able to attract more customers, and my staff is also happy with the new kitchen. It’s a win-win situation for me. And all this was made possible mainly because of Shriram City. They say that you focus in your business and we will take care of the rest and they did it. Thank you! Shriram city.

Thanks to Shriram City Business Loan my business reached to new heights

Mr. Narayan Daurkar - Navi Mumbai