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Bike EMI calculator from Shriram City helps you to calculate your two wheeler loan EMI payments and own your dream bike.

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The EMI for a loan agreement is always computed based on the number of days to the due date. In contrast, EMI calculation on the online calculator provided here is the monthly calculation.

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Find out your two-wheeler loan’s EMI through online EMI calculator

Find out your two-wheeler loan’s EMI through online EMI calculator

Bikes are quite popular among commuters. They are fast, easy to navigate, and economical to use. Though they are cheaper than cars, you still need to pay a substantial amount of money to buy them. Paying a lump sum amount towards a motorcycle or scooter might not be financially feasible for some, so two-wheeler loans are available.

Motorbike loans help you buy a Motorbike without putting a dent in your finances. They are easy to avail and affordable to pay off. You can also find out the expected EMI payable for the loan using Motor Bike loan EMI calculators. Do you know what these calculators are?

What is a bike loan EMI calculator and how does it work?

What is a bike loan EMI calculator and how does															it work?

A bike EMI calculator is an online tool to calculate the Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs) of the two-wheeler loan that you avail. Rather than doing the math yourself, you can calculate the exact EMIs instantly using this online calculator.

The two-wheeler loan calculator needs three simple inputs based on which the EMI amount is calculated and displayed. The inputs which the calculator requires are as follows –

  • The amount of loan that you need is called the principal.
  • The period over which you would repay the loan is called the repayment tenure.
  • The interest rate on loan.

The two-wheeler loan interest rate calculator will show you the EMI payable for the loan when you enter these three details.

How to calculate EMI using Shriram City Bike Loan Calculator?

Shriram City’s bike loan EMI calculator helps you easily calculate the EMI of your two-wheeler loan. You just have to enter the loan details, and the EMI is calculated. Moreover, you can also check Shriram City bike loan interest rate using the calculator. Let’s understand how Shriram City’s bike loan calculator works with an example

Suppose you take a loan of Rs.50,000 to buy a motor or scooter. The loan tenure you choose is 24 months, and the loan’s interest rate is 12% p.a.. When you enter these details, here’s how the calculation would be done

Repayment periodPrincipal repaidInterest paidTotal two wheeler loan EMIOutstanding loan balance
1st monthRs. 1854Rs. 500Rs. 2354Rs. 48,146
6th monthRs. 1948Rs. 405Rs. 2354Rs. 38,596
12th monthRs. 2068Rs. 286Rs. 2354Rs. 26,491
18th monthRs. 2195Rs. 158Rs. 2354Rs. 13,641
24th monthRs. 2330Rs. 23Rs. 2354Nil
Total principal paid = Rs. 50,000Total interest paid = Rs. 6488Total EMI payment = Rs. 56,488
How to calculate EMI using Shriram City Bike Loan Calculator?
Benefits of using a bike loan calculator

Benefits of using a bike loan calculator

Before you buy something, you find out whether the purchase would be affordable for your pockets or not. This is the reason why using a two-wheeler loan EMI calculator makes sense. A two-wheeler loan EMI calculator helps you find the EMIs you would have to pay for a given loan amount. This helps you assess whether the EMIs would be affordable or not.

Other benefits offered by the two-wheeler loan EMI calculator are as follows -

Making two-wheeler loans affordable

Making two-wheeler loans affordable

The EMI calculator calculates the EMI before you actually avail the loan. Upon calculating the EMI, if you find that the EMI is on the higher side, you can change the inputs to arrive at an EMI amount, which would be more affordable. For example, you can reduce the loan amount, and the EMI would reduce. Alternatively, if you increase the repayment tenure, the EMIs would reduce. Similarly, if the EMI calculated is affordable, you can increase the amount to pay off the loan early and save on the interest cost. The two-wheeler loan EMI calculator is dynamic. This helps you make the two-wheeler loan affordable.

Budgeting the EMI into your finances

Budgeting the EMI into your finances

A two-wheeler loan is a long term affair as it requires regular repayments to clear the debt. To regularly service the loan, you need to make a provision for the loan’s EMI in your monthly budget. The two-wheeler loan EMI calculator shows you the expected EMI before you actually avail the loan. This helps you make provisions for the loan’s repayment in your monthly budget beforehand so that the loan’s added expense does not derail your budget.

Reducing the chances of default

Reducing the chances of default

As you are aware of the EMI payable for the loan and you budget the same in your finances, there would be fewer chances of defaulting on the loan’s repayment. This would prevent you from racking up high-interest payments. Moreover, as the chances of default are minimized, your credit score would also be protected, and it would improve when you maintain a clean repayment record.

Ease of calculation

Ease of calculation

The two-wheeler loan EMI calculator does not need you to be an expert at calculations. It allows you to calculate the EMIs without using the complicated formula. The bike loan calculator is easy to use with instant results. Moreover, the calculator is free of cost. You can use a bike EMI calculator online as many times as possible to find the most affordable EMI.

Gives complete details of the loan

The two-wheeler loan EMI calculator is multi-functional. Besides calculating the EMI amount, the calculator also helps you find the following -

  • The total interest that is payable over the tenure of the loan, and
  • The total repayment is made towards the loan, which includes both the principal and the interest paid.

This gives you a complete picture of the loan and tells you exactly the interest cost which you would incur for availing the loan.

Apply for a bike loan online in Shriram City

Shriram City’s two-wheeler loan EMI calculator allows you to apply for a bike loan online. You can apply for a bike loan in Shriram City online by filling up the online application form. You can also check the documentation required for a bike loan on the company’s website and make a quick application for the loan. The loan would be sanctioned at the earliest, and you would be able to easily buy the bike.

A two-wheeler loan EMI calculator is a handy tool that helps you calculate your loan’s EMI in the simplest possible manner. So, before you avail a two-wheeler loan, do use the bike loan calculator online and find out the EMIs you have to pay for the loan.

Frequently Asked Question About Two Wheeler Loan

How is bike loan EMI calculated?

The bike loan EMI is calculated monthly through the bike loan interest calculator. You have to provide the loan amount, repayment tenure, and the interest rate to calculate the monthly EMI.

There is a two-wheeler loan eligibility criteria that you should fulfill for availing a two-wheeler loan. Shriram City allows the loan to individuals aged 21 years and above who are salaried or have a business of their own.

To apply for a bike loan in Shriram City, you would have to submit your Aadhaar card, identity proof, address proof, income proof, and bank statements. Other documents might also be needed depending on your loan application.

The minimum down payment depends on your income and other eligibility parameters. Shriram City also offers up to 100% finance for your bike, where the down payment becomes zero.

The maximum amount of loan allowed by Shriram City is 100% of your bike’s cost. The maximum repayment period is 36 months.

The interest rate varies across financial institutions. Shriram City bike loans have interest rates starting from 12%, depending on your eligibility qualifications.

EMI payments can be made through cash, cheque, NEFT, net banking, or any other digital payment modes.

Once your loan is granted, all the details would be available on the company’s portal. You can log into your online Shriram City account and check your loan statement. Moreover, the loan status can also be checked online by providing the application number of the loan.